Money Making Experiment

I’m working on a guide for people who would like to create their own business. I have been doing some research on the internet and the number one question that jumps out at me is, “How do I get started online without any money?” My first reaction is, are you nuts? You want to build a business without putting any money into it?! I understand the allure of starting online, it seems like it should be easier and cheaper than starting a brick and mortar business. News flash, it is STILL a business and you should treat it like one!

Like I said, that was my first reaction. I thought about the question more and with some thought, yes, you CAN get a business started on the internet for free. However, having access to money for the business is extremely helpful! Yet, how can one create money? Law of Attraction aside, there are ways to build up a cash nest.

I will be testing my attempts to create cash and posting about my experiences. I created gigs on a website last night and hoping to get some response! While I am waiting, I am going to get started on the other avenues.

The parameters of creating money was that it had to be legal and something easily done.

What are some things you have done to manifest more cash in your life?

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