Making Money

I did it!! I actually made some money! The amount is minuscule – I don’t think I could even buy a cup of coffee with what I made! However, the amount, at this time, is not important.

I posted a while back that I was looking into several money making ventures/experiments. I have launched/implemented some of them and while they are all still in the baby stages, I am pleased one of them actually resulted in some cash!

Next steps? I am going to focus on how I can improve my efforts and start making a profit! Every day I am learning something new. I dive deeper into a method, research it and find out what did and didn’t work for other people. Then I implement. Sometimes I have success and sometimes it didn’t even register a blink. I am still in the tweaking and testing mode.

Do I have an end goal? My goal is to be supporting my family off my money making ventures – whatever I end up doing. It could be working on websites or providing business consulting or some other service. Or I could always win the lotto! Nah, even if I did win the lotto, I would still be working on my ventures. I enjoy the challenge! It’s so not related to what I do for work now and it’s not something I learned in school. Perhaps the best way I can explain is by sharing a little bit about my past as a Girl Scout.

I have not kept up with Girl Scouts and their requirements but I am a former Girl Scout. (On my honor, I promise to serve God, my country and mankind. And to live by the Girl Scout law. – I don’t remember the law completely but I do recall to be a sister to every girl scout and to be cheerful!) Part of being a Girl Scout was that we could earn patches in certain areas, such as health, science, civil affairs and so on by participating in or performing certain activities. I was always intrigued by the patches that allowed you to create your list of required things to do to earn a particular patch.  I think it was the Dabbler patch?  Well, I’m calling it that now!

I am not a linear thinker.  But for me, everything ties in together and somehow, it just makes sense.  I like to be challenged and try new things.  Of course, I have my favorites but sometimes I like to just try things, just for the sake of doing something new.  I am by no means, fearless.  I have a million and one fears and worries running through my brain at any given moment.  What I am, however, is open.

Anyways, I’m just so super excited to actually see something in my account other than $0.00!  Yeah!

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