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So in a previous post, I mentioned trying L’Oreal’s sulfate free line, specifically the Hydrate.  This time, I tried the Smooth line.  Holy smokes, this is almost as good as Redken!

I only purchased the shampoo and conditioner.  My hair is highlighted but I am not really that cautious about maintaining the color.  I wanted to see how well the shampoo and conditioner would work on making my hair smooth, without added product.  The thing I don’t like about most smoothing lines is I feel like it weighs my hair down and I end up with heavy, greasy feeling hair.  Bleah.  Oh and flat and limp too.

Anyways, I used it, then used my awesome hair dryer and blew dried my hair as normal.  When I dry my hair, I do it with my head upside down, so I can dry the underside.   Then I flip my head up and finger comb my hair while point the dryer nozzle down and have it follow the hand that is combing.  When I was finished, my hair looked really good.  Not frizzy and while it was not as sleek as it would have been, had I used product, it was smoother than any other shampoo/conditioner combo I had used!

While the shampoo and conditioner do contain oils, my hair did not feel heavy.  It also did not look limp!  I wash my hair every other day so the limp factor is really important to me.  My hair still looked great the FOLLOWING day!  Plus since my hair was smooth, the color totally showed up better.  (I really should make more of an effort with my hair.  It’s just so time consuming!)   I think I have found my holy grail shampoo and conditioner!  It works and it doesn’t break the bank!

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