TRX or Bust

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This year, 2014, has been my year to focus on my health. Not necessarily weight loss, although that IS something I need to address!

I have participated in some fun runs, which were not entirely fun. I am not a fan of getting dirty! ha ha ha ha! But they were great experiences and challenged me to go outside my comfort zone.

We won a family membership to our local YMCA. The kids love it and the hubs and I are trying out different classes. One of the classes we are doing is TRX.

Now, it’s marketed as suspension training and has a great backstory. I love hearing stories behind products!

I decided I liked TRX enough to invest in a system for our home. I figured it could supplement our current workouts. The cost is very expensive. You could make the argument that with it, you do not need a gym membership and the product is portable and adaptable to almost any environment. I still did not feel 100% comfortable with the price.

TRX PRO Suspension Training Kit

After some searching, I came across a very similar looking system, the Woss Trainer. Now I will admit, I thought it was interesting they also manufactured harnesses for pets, but hey, the product works! And at a cost that allowed for my husband and I to have our own suspension training system! Two for less than the price of one!

TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical

I like both products. I use TRX at the YMCA and I use the Woss Trainer at home. I do not notice a difference between the two products. My kids even get into it and beg to “play” too! Oh, I hope my kids keep that mindset that exercise IS play and fun!