Touched By Cancer

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I have been blessed with good health.  My family has been blessed with good health.  But in the last 3 months, two people very close to me have been diagnosed with cancer.  One is a baby, under a year old and the other is an older lady,in her 60s.  The older lady leads a healthy lifestyle.  The baby, well, never had any time to develop “bad” habits!  So it was quite a shock.

If you are not healthy, start taking the steps to better your health.  Start taking walks around the block after work or dinner or even before your morning shower.  If you do not eat vegetables on a regular basis, start eating them everyday and then at every meal.  Cut down your meat consumption by adding more vegetables or grains.   If you are going to eat prepackaged food, atleast get it from the produce section.  Prepackaged baby carrots, snap peas and fresh fruit cups are far better for you!

Even when you have had the crappiest of days, you got yelled at by your boss or perhaps clients were screaming at you over something.  Your children are unruly and your spouse is being difficult.  You know what, you are alive.  You have the ability to make the next day better than today.


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