Tightline Your Eyes

Laura Mercier Flat Liner Brush  Back in the early 2000, I went with my friend, who was about to get married, to the Laura Mercier makeup counter.  My friend was planning on doing her own wedding makeup and I tagged along because I LOVE makeup!  I also had my makeup done and the one thing that really impressed me was the way she lined my eyes.

I have large, roundish eyes.  I love wearing eyeliner.  I usually line both the top and bottom of my eyes, right in the waterline.  However, what this makeup artist did was wiggle the brush into my LASH line!  It was subtle but boy did it make my eyes pop!

Here is a video from Laura Mercier, describing the tightlining process:

I use the Laura Mercier flat eyeliner brush.  You can get it at Sephora.  I like her brush best because it is super stiff, which I found I needed to work the liner into my lash line.  I didn’t go with her cake eyeliner.  I had already owned the Benefit Babecake liner (which is sadly discontinued) so I used that in my lashes.  The liner only worked when it was wet.  I tried using it dry but it did not pick up any pigment.  What I liked about the Babecake liner was that you had black and brown.  When I wanted a more dramatic effect, I would wet my brush, and just like the Tightline cake eyeliner, make a little bit of a paste and wiggle the brush into my lashes.  When I wanted a toned down look, because sometimes black can be too harsh (and I have dark brown/black hair!) I would blend brown and black together for a more natural look.

I have not experimented with other colors, like teal or purple in my lashes.  I think that would be a really good way to get a subtle color effect.  I work in the legal field so it is definitely conservative but that might be a way for me to get my color fix at work!

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