Spartan Sprint – you are your biggest obstacle

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Started out with a wall at the entrance. Thought I would try to be slick and backed up, fully intending to get a running strart to help me get over the wall. I took a deep breath and ran smack dab into the wall! Doh!! My husband came over and asked if I wanted his help. I ignored him and tried to pull myself up over the wall, tried to find some crevice in which to press against with my shoes and finding none, asked my husband for his help. He knelt down, cupped his hand and I pushed off and threw my left leg over the wall and un gracefully fell over on thhe other side. And this my friends, was not even the START of the race!

We then were corralled until it was time for us to line up 15 people at a time. They counted down to 10 for each group. We started off with about 3 levels of incline running and our first obstacle was ropes tied to the railings for us to crawl under. There were severl incline levels of crawling under ropes when our next obstacle was encountered, it was another wall. I wanted to get over the wall myself but I didn't see any place for purchase. My husband helped me get over the the wall but this time, I attempted to jump down when I lost my balance, fell down smack on my ass and came crashing down on hey right hand. It did help to break my fall a bit but I sure was smarting after that! Next came what seemed to be endless steps of climbing the bleachers and going there through the stadium seats, up across and down then back up again. Then there was an obstacle for us to sit down on each seat as we went across the row! There were more obstacles, going up and down, up and down the levels of nudge stadium. And there were more walls. One wall was about 8 feet tall and I panicked on there other side. I desperately searched for the tiny red ledge. I didn't fall on myy ass again but I fell a bit hard. After this, my legs and arms were shaking from nervousness and fatigue. A vertical wall climb came after this and I was still feeling fearful. There were small pieces of wood, oddly spaced, for our hands and feet to use as we made our way across. While there was not far to fall down, I was shaking! If I had taken some more time to observe the other participants I probably would have been able to figure out how to get across without falling down. As it was, I fell before I even got halfway across. One obstacle had us tie our feet together and then jump onto the bleachers. I was already afraid of failing! Next came monkey bars. I already knew I lacked the upper body strength so I opted out and did burped instead.


Then the next obstacle had us carrying a concerted anchor about 6 feet away, doing 5 burpees and then carrying the anchor back to the starting position. I was able to accomplish this task! I tiled the a chore forward while I was in a deep squat position and was able to lift and carry the weight in this is manner.


The next obstacle involved us tying our ankles together with a giant rubber band and then hopping/jumping onto the bleachers. I was already fearful of falling and so hue he first few hops, I leaned forward. And held on heinie I hopped the rest of my body up. Hyphen we had to hop sideways across the bleachers and then our hop our way down the bleachers.


Then came the dreaded ropy climb, uh nope! More burpees for me. Ratlines I ended up talking to myself the whole time. Then we had about four rows of 6 foot walls to climb over. Run run run around stadium again. There was jump rope with a heavy rope while your feet were tied together. Hueg non another eight foot wall and I bypassed that because I was truly exhaust and didn't want to risk hurting myself. We were given weight pancake shaped weights which we had to carry through the bleachers. Run run run again. A weighted ball throw down, which felt easy to me so I'm think king I must have down it wrong, lol. Run run run. A weighted bag on a pulley that you had to use your body weight to raise and lower the weight without letting it slam. I remained in a squat positions and crunched down with my upper body to get that sucker up and down. Run run run and we got to do push-up in hue he visiting teams locker room. Then we had to run again through the bleachers and crawl under a makeshift wooden bridge that was actually quite narrow and very low. He hank goodness it was short. Nearing the end of the race now ! Had to carry what looked like. A gas tank, about five gallons of water, ten gallons for the guys, down across and up the bleachers. Then our last obstacle was to do box jumps. I had never done box jumps in my life but I did it! We finished the race just shy of two hours, which isn't bad, considering I was uber tired and had to take many breaks and pauses to catch my breath!,,