7 Day Mental Diet

I tend to get stressed easily.  A lot of people do not know this as I often hide it.  I try to present a calm and collected exterior eventhough I am freaking out on the inside.  This requires me to control myself more as I force myself to speak deliberately and move in a calm manner.  In my mind, my thoughts are racing and it’s usually punctuated with expletives.

I truly believe that what you put your mind on, you will receive.  So eventhough I may present a calm and cool exterior, I am still negative and erratic in my thoughts.  A challenge for me is letting go of things that do not matter.  Or rather, letting go of the emotion that is associated with the situation.

For 7 days, do not allow yourself to dwell on any negative thoughts or feelings that occur to you.  Just let go of it. Try to focus on something more positive. Ask yourself a better question, like “how can I use this? What’s good about this?” This has to be for 7 consecutive days! If you’re going along for two days great, and then you find yourself ranting or dwelling on such things you have to start over.

Has anyone else done the 7 Day Mental Diet?  What was your experience with it?

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