It’s Not Too Late

Just watched inside Out a few days ago. if you are not familiar with the movie,it is by Pixar, so it is an animated cartoon. It is a story about the emotions of a girl named Riley as her family moves from Minnesota to San Frnacisco. It was quite good and I enjoyed that there was no real “bad guy”.

Before the main movie, there was a short film, called Lava. It is about a volcano, uku, who for years, sings a love song, hoping to have a partner to share and enjoy life. Throughout the years, the water level rises and just as the wate reaches his mouth, a new volcano,Lele, erupts but is unable to see, uku.uku tries to sing but is out of lava and sinks to the ocean. Lele then begins to sing the same love song, which stimulates the earth and lava in Uku and Uku also erupts out of the ocean, to be at the side of Lele.

I was so touched by that short little firm. Thousands of years to be waiting… I'm currently going through some struggles in my life. But I don't want to wait years for things to get better. There may not be much that I can change and frankly, change does scare me. It is far easier to do what is comfortable and to stay in relative safety instead of embracing uncertainty. I want to pursue my happiness now. I want my life to be more than what it is now. I want a life full of “lava.”