First Day of Summer

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I do not have anything planned to celebrate the first day of summer. I’m just hoping my garden will continue to grow! I have visions of freezing bags and bags of tomato sauce and making jars of strawberry jam! But unfortunately the garden is not cooperating with me. It is possible not much may grow since I put the garden in late this year.

What I do plan on doing this summer is working on my projects.  I will be working on my money making experiments and personal projects.  My husband tells me I am a closeted Type A and I will agree that I do have high standards.  Are you familiar with the saying, aim for the moon because even if you do it reach it, at least you will be among the stars?  This philosophy has not worked for me because I end up berating myself and then nothing is accomplished.  This summer will be about baby steps.  I am taking baby steps on all my projects.

This week I practice better posture and write down my ideas in my notebook, without any judgment.  So often I will have a thought and want to write about it but then I second guess myself and think it is a topic not worth sharing.  Which results in nothing and then I have nothing to show for my efforts.

What efforts will you take today?

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