Where Did My Passion Go?

The hubby and I had the rare opportunity to have a conversation.  For several minutes even!  And we both came to conclusion that there isn’t anything that really excites us anymore, nothing that gets us to leap out of bed in the mornings.  Except our kids.  I am of the opinion that we are just two tired parents!

We have a pre-schooler and an infant.  We are still working on finishing up the remodel of our home.  Our lives have been in a state of chaos for a few years and we’re tired!!  I don’t consider that to mean our passion has died down.  Obviously, the kids and the house take our attention now.

Pre-kids, I was focused on finishing my paralegal certificate.  I already had my bachelors but also wanted to get my certificate.  Once I obtained that, I thought about what it was I enjoyed.  I really love to help people.  I started taking some massage classes but that proved to be difficult.  I’m 5’3 and not much upper body strength.  My partner was a 6’4 football player.  I had to get a stool to be able to reach him so I could practice!  Hmmm, that was not such a great idea so I pondered what else I should do.  I wandered around a bit, I looked into getting a master’s in Public Policy but I wasn’t ready to get back into the school grind.  I looked into learning about the stock market and read some books to get a basic understanding but soon went over my head!

Then I decided, I would like to learn about real estate investing.  I found classes to take, seminars to attend and Cash Flow games to play.  The Cash Flow games were really enjoyable for me.  We simply advertised on meetup and on craigslist.  I met new people at each game and I enjoyed watching them play.  Hosting the games gave me the courage to branch out and host some meetups of our own.  Although, if you want to go this route, I highly recommend having the event somewhere other than your home!  It took me a few times to realize I really did not want stranger coming to my house!

Fast forward a few years and I have a wonderful little family.  I have not been able to pursue any interests, other than what my children enjoy, but that’s ok.  I’m not dead, I will have time for my own interests again.  Right now, this season is about my kids.

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