got2b Smooth Operator

got2b smooth operator lustre lotionI received my Bzz Kit for the
got2b Smooth Operator campaign.  It came at just the right time!  My son has super fine hair and the back kept getting snarled and knotted, no more how many times we combed it out. My husband kept insisting that we cut his hair but he has so little hair, I was very reluctant to cut it.

I decided to try the Smooth Operator on my son’s hair.  Now he does not care that it has cashmere in it or that it should leave him with soft locks.  And all I wanted it to was make his hair less knotty!

I used about an edamame size amount on his hair.  One thing I noticed right way is the heavy perfume scent.  The lotion felt very slick in my hand but it did feel light, not heavy.  I worked the lotion into my son’s hair and combed it.  The wispy-ness and frizzies went away and the back hair became soft.  It even defined some of his little curls! The scent stayed but the heaviness of it went away.

I will try it on my hair next. Have you tried got2b Smooth Operator? What did you think of it? Please leave me a comment about your experience! I will randomly select a commenter for a free sample!got2b smooth operator

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