Trader Joe’s Snacks

I’ve been on a snack binge lately.  Everytime I go to Trader Joe’s, I check out there What’s New section.  And I have not been disappointed!


My two newest favorites are the Roasted Seaweed and the Dairy Free Mochi.

The roasted seaweed has a nutty/ocean-y taste, slightly salty and a teeny bit chewy.  I eat it by itself.  It satisfies my cravings for something salty and I don’t really need to eat that many of them.  I used to eat chips for the times I craved something salty but always felt guilty after eating them.  But seaweed??  Mmmm, delicious and only 30 calories for half the container! ha!

The dairy free mochi is made from coconut milk.  Growing up, I guzzled milk.  I used to dream about owning my own cow so that I could have fresh milk everyday.  I freakin loved milk!  Then one day, it stopped loving me back.  Maybe it was something I said or maybe we were on a break for too long but I think I may be lactose-intolerant, somewhat.  Yogurt and cheese don’t effect me too much and I am okay with mixed drinks, as long as I stick to the smallest size!

I was super excited to see dairy free mochi at Trader Joe’s.  The flavors were chocolate, coconut and mango.  It was cold and creamy and so delicious!  As much as I enjoy eating mango the fruit, I am not a fan of mango flavored foods.  However, this mochi tasted like they blended fresh mango with the coconut milk so it had a very fresh taste to it.





I’m glad these snacks come in small portions, otherwise I would be tempted to completely pig out!


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