Store Brand Ice Cream That Actually Tastes Good!

Cookie Dough and Brownie Twist
So delicious!

I had an ice cream craving this week.  Which is a bit unusual because the weather here has been cold and stormy, not exactly the best weather for ice cream!

I forgot to stock up on Ben and Jerry’s or Haagen Daaz when it was on sale.  I really don’t like paying full price on pint ice cream when for the same price, I could get a half gallon.  Well, not a half gallon anymore but whatever amount it is that they pack ice cream into nowadays.

I went to my local Safeway and noticed the super premium ice cream.  It was much cheaper than Ben and Jerry’s and while I didn’t like their previous Safeway Select ice cream, I was hoping they really meant the premium part!  I got the Cookie Dough and Brownie Twist and Extreme Cookie Overload.

Ok, I like that it is pint, yay!  I love cookie dough ice cream.  Sometimes I like brownies in my ice cream but it really depends on the brownie.

First bite impression?  Oh my, this is GOOD!  My pint had more brownie pieces than cookie dough but the brownie pieces were more like fudgey truffle bits!!  Super score!   It took a grew deal of will power for me to NOT each the entire pint in one sitting!

Now while it is Safeway’s Super Premium, I would put it in the same category as Ben and Jerry’s.  It lacks the super full fat mouth feel that Haagen Daaz has but that’s ok!  I don’t need the extra guilty as I’m gobbling down my ice cream!


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