Starbucks Clover Machine Makes Delicious Coffee

Starbucks is across the street from my work.  I can find a Starbucks within a one mile radius around my home.  So it would be a correct assumption that I am a Starbucks drinker.  🙂

A month ago, I noticed the Starbucks near my work had recently undergone some renovations.  And there was a new machine!  Hmmmm, interesting….  I also noticed it brewed different coffee… Different coffee as in it now costs $3.95 for a tall!!  SAY WHAT?!  This better be some DAMN good coffee!

I decided to splurge on a cup.  The worst is that it would taste like crap and I would be out $3.95.  I have wasted my money on lesser things.

Clover brewing system

I ordered and waited for my cup.  First think I notice, the beans are fresh ground!  Oooooo and aaaaaahhhhhh… and it was just for me!  I didn’t have to share a big ole pot with anyone else.  The barista poured in the beans, did their voodoo magic and the machine pumped and my beans raised and lowered and a few minutes later, my order was up!

I’m not a pure coffee connoisseur, I mostly drink coffee to wake up and keep me warm.  But at first sip, I was pleasantly surprised.  Wow, this IS a really good cup of coffee!  This my friends, was my first sip of the coffee BEFORE I added any half and half.  It was delicious!

While I love love love the coffee, my wallet does not.  Sad face.