Making Your Own Protein/Energy Bars

I am actually not a fan of protein bars.  They seem to have a funky weird taste to me.  What I do love are those fruit and nut bars, especially the ones made by Kind.

I love that you can actually SEE the ingredients.  Lara Bars are tasty but it looks like a brown cut up log of stuff.  Part of me thinks, does this need to be cooked first???  Sometimes you can see the fruit but it’s all in bits and pieces and mashed up together.  Cliff Bars all start to taste the same to me after awhile.

But the Kind bars?  DELICIOUS!  It’s better than trail mix, even the fancy kind, because it’s all stuck together and more portable.  My current favorite is the almond and coconut bar.  I like that the coconut is large chunks and not that overly sweetened shredded stuff.  Yech!  What I don’t like is the price!  Yikes!

I did a little sleuthing and found I am not the only one who enjoys Kind bars but dislikes the price.

I have not yet tried to make these bars.  I want to check out a few more recipes before I attempt my own concoction.  For starters, I would like to add more protein to the bars so am contemplating adding in some protein powder.  Plus the hubby has requested I try molasses, instead of honey, specifically blackstrap molasses!  I don’t like to make things and have them be wasted if the taste is horrible so am trying to figure out the best base flavor and then start to tweak from there.






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