I love See’s candy!

See’s candy is my favorite brand of boxed chocolate. It’s made in my home state of California!

I love just about every thing they make. But I would have to say my favorite is the Scotchmallow!!  Creamy, buttery caramel with a pillow of marshmallow and it is all drenched with chocolate!! Mmmm… Delish!! Hubby always gets me a box each year but varies the day.

So I was very excited to see that Trader Joes now carries Caramallows!


It comes in a long narrow box. The candy itself is rectangular rather than circular. When I bit into the candy, I noticed the caramel and marshmallow were very soft, almost too soft. I like how Scotchmallows have more chew to them. Also the marshmallow tasted more likeva cream or fluff, rather than a marshmallow texture.

I would get these again, only if I didn’t want to share my Scotchmallows!

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