Cabbage Noodles

cabbage head Cabbage noodles is one of my FAVORITE dishes to eat.

Two reasons.

A.  I’m Asian. We eat rice or noodles.

B.  Rice and rice based or wheat based noodles make me gain weight.

Cabbage noodles, for the uninitiated, is simply shredded cabbage that has been stir-fried.  Mmmm, delicious!


shredded cabbage

Preparing cabbage noodles is pretty simple.

1.  Take head of cabbage.

2. Slice in half.

3.  Cut out the core of the cabbage.

4. Slice cabbage into long, thin strips.

The cabbage will naturally fall apart as you slice it.  You can use it like noodles in a stir fry or make a dressing and eat it in a salad.

It cooks up fast and it’s easy way to incorporate more vegetables into our diet.  I have mostly tried it with stir-frys.  I have yet to try it with a marinara sauce.

Do you like cabbage?  How do you like to cook it?

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