Are You Going to Eat That?

It’s no secret I love to eat.  Everyday I have to ask myself, do you really need to eat the candy bar/extra piece of fried chicken/second scoop of ice cream?  Did I mention that I also have a big appetite?  Well, it’s more like my eyes are bigger than my stomach.  But, if challenged, I will do my darnest to eat more than you.

One of my favorite things to eat is BARBEQUE!   I love all kinds of bbq, whether it’s California bbq, KC bbq, Korean bbq, etc. I love them all!

We’re in Nashville and stopped at a chain called Bar-b-Cutie.  I already had Jack’s bbq and that was damn tasty!  But I had heard about Bar-b-cutie and wanted to try it.  The bbq chains near us are Armadillo Willy’s (meh) and Tony Roma’s (overpriced meh).  Anyways, we’re in line, I’m hungry and decide that I want the full rack of baby back ribs.  For me.  No sharing.  The hubs looked at me with a raised eyebrow but he knew better to question me.  Doubt my ability to eat all my food and I will eat YOUR plate too!   Besides, baby back ribs are TINY!  Hello, they’re called BABY back ribs!

I go to place my order and the cashier is a friendly older woman.  I tell her I would like the full rack of baby rack ribs and proceed to tell her what sides I want.  She stops entering, looks at me and says, honey, are you sure you can eat ALL of that?  That’s a lot of ribs!  I just smile and say, yep, I’d like the FULL rack please.

After our order is placed, we go find some seating and I am happily and anxiously awaiting my ribs.  The server is the same lady who took my order.  And she once again, questioned my ability to eat a full rack.  Oh, it’s ON!  I confidently say, of course I’ll eat all these ribs!  And start chowing down immediately.

The hubs attempted to steal a rib as he ordered something else but I swatted his hand away, saying that I was sooooooooooooo hungry.  But you know what….  halfway on my second rack of ribs, I was starting to get full.  Dang me being thirsty!  Water fills you up and I had drank too much water.  So at that point, I decided to graciously offer the hubs some of my ribs…. just so he could have a taste, of course.  I could finish it all, naturally, but since I am a kind and considerate wife, I let him have the rest of my ribs.  But I really could have eaten it ALL….  maybe.

full rack bar-b-cutie
full rack bar-b-cutie

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