New Venture

I’m a member of  I have one meetup that I host and another one where I just stepped up to be an organizer.

I’m super excited about the second meetup because I was already planning a website around the topic!  This is an awesome opportunity to refine my website since I already am part of the target audience and will be able to get direct feedback!

Sometimes I think I am nuts, taking on new projects/ventures but I actually enjoy keeping busy.  hahaha, because working full time, taking care of my husband, child and cat and not to mention the house and garden is not enough to fill my days!  Oh wait, I forgot to add taking care of me!  But isn’t that the problem most mothers have, neglecting to pamper themselves?

I like work.  I like to be challenged and feel that light bulb of understanding go off in my head.  And some days, I just want to relax and putz around the house.

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