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How Much Breastmilk Do You Pump?


This is my second time nursing and pumping. I was able to exclusively breastfeed my first child for the first six months. When I went back to work, I was concerned about the quantity of milk I was expressing.

I would dutifully go to an empty conference room and lock the door. I would close my eyes, imagine my baby and flowing rivers of breas tmilk. When 15 minutes had passed, I opened my eyes to see how much milk I expressed. Surely I had pumped 4 oz each!!! I was dismayed to discover I had only pumped 1 oz total.

I ate more oatmeal. I drank Mother’s Milk tea. Some days I would get a total of 2oz at a pumping session but it wasn’t this flood of breast milk that I was expecting.

So dear reader, I am sharing with you, to not get discouraged if you do not pump quarts, pints or even a cup of milk! It does not mean you are lacking. This is my second time pumping and the amount I get per session still hovers between 1oz to 2oz. Every now and then I may get 3.5 oz but that is rare and something I have been unable to replicate.

I still nurse on demand when I am home with my baby and the weekends, I nurse exclusively.

I did supplement with formula with my first child, on an as needed basis. It would have been “easier” to go the formula route. I wouldn’t have to take time out of my day to pump, I could work out instead! But I appreciated the breaks pumping gave me as I would normally just plow through my work day and not leave my desk. It also helped me to maintain my nursing relationship with my children.


1:30 pump session
Early afternoon session

3:30 pump session
Last pump session of the day

Total milk pumped
Total milk pumped

Breastmilk and air travel

I recently had an opportunity to attend a conference/networking event in Arizona.  I have not been on a plane since before my son was born! Even though my son is a year old, I am still nursing him.  This means I still have times where I need to express milk.  The hotel that I booked… Continue Reading

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