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Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil

I have straight brownish black hair. The ends are processed but 95% of the hair on my head is unprocessed. My hair is pretty thick. I can use one ponytail elastic to hold it up but if I will be exercising, I need to use two elastic and to use the kind that is no slip. While my hair is straight, it is not stick straight. When I let it air dry naturally, there is a bit of a wave to it.

What I have a problem with is fly-aways and frizz. I tried various de-frizzing products but my hair felt greasy as the day went on or the product was too fragranced for my taste. I don’t know why I decided to pick up this bottle of argan oil but I am sure glad I did!

The directions said to apply to towel dried hair. I squeezed out some of the oil and the scent was ok, not too overpowering. I flipped my hair over and raked the product through my hair, concentraing on the ends. THen I blew my hair dry. I didn’t attempt to style it or anything. I just wanted my hair dry.

Oh my goodness, my hair was so soft, full of volume and it actually laid straight! There were some still fly-aways near my face but nothing a proper blow dry wouldn’t cure! I checked my hair mid-day and it still felt soft and silky, not greasy at all! My hair even lasted into the next day without any signs of oiliness! I have officially been using this product for two weeks and I am still a happy camper. When I take the time to blow dry my hair properly, it’s smooth, shiny, soft and silky. And for the days when I am rushed? My hair is still in decent condition!

I highly recommend this product if you are having issues with frizz or fly-always! This is a completely unbiased review. I’d love to hear your comments below on this product!

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  1. Another testimony from a user of Argan oil! I’m happy that you tried it out! We do have similar problems and one solution! I doubt it too but then I figured it out that there is nothing will be lost if I would try it once. From the moment I tried it, no one could stop me from using it. Oops, unless there would be no more production of Argan oil! Moroccan women will surely not let it happen.

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