No Foundation Serum

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Im on the market for a no foundation base. I have tried BB creams but even the ones that are targeted for oily skin did not help my skin. The formulas just did not set right. I then tried tinted sunscreens, because as a woman in her mid-30s, I need to protect what I have left! Alas, those options did not work out well for me either. They still felt off on my skin.

I was sure that I would have to put up with the least offensive one and just carry blotting papers on my person at all times and be ready to wash my face clean as soon as possible at the end of the day.

Then I heard about Dr. perricone's un-makeup makeup line. I scoffed at it initially. Oh please, no foundation foundation? Pffft!

I ended up at the mall a few days later, attending a birthday party at Build a Bear. side note, omg, what a racket that place is! While my child did enjoy a keepsake bear, I had to buy another outfit and my other child who did not attend the part also needed to have a keepsake with an outfit. Now my kids are asking end for More bears and outfits! Don't they know that are cutting into mama's makeup fund, lol?! anyways, back my to story, I grab a few things at Sephora and decide to request a sample of the No Foundation Serum. I was secretly hoping they wouldn't be able to give me a sample but the super helpful sales associate gave me a generous sample.

I had a last minute errand to run today and decided to try the serum. Today was HOT! low 90s but I run hot anyways so I was already melting! I put a little bit on my cheek and as I patted it on, I loved how it initially felt going on. So soft and my skin just loved it. It melted into my skin and transformed the appearance into a softer focus one. And it felt like I wasn't wearing anything! I put some on myy other cheek and the rest of my face. oh my goodness, it felt like the most luxurious serum, just pampering my skin! It was absolutely divine!!

Now I ran to Target with two kids in to, hot sun, hot car, kids pulling on me and begging me to get them this and get them that and feeling myself just being hot and annoyed in general. I finally arrived back home 2 hours later, feeling hot and sticky and when I glanced at my face I the rear view mirror, I still looked fabulous! What?!? It's true, really true! This ish really worked! I wasn't even dying to wash my face yet!

Now I still have to put it through my work test but I am very hopeful that I have a winner here!