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becca the one perfecting brush

Becca The One Perfecting Brush

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The One Perfecting Brush


I love make up.  Ever since I had kids, I have not had the time to play with it like I used to BEFORE kids.  What I like to do to relax is browse the Sephora website and imaging what I would do with all that product!

I was looking through the website recently and came across a new brush!

Look how pretty it is!  It’s a big difficult to tell from the picture but from my perspective, it looks like a giant, flat paintbrush.

On Becca’s website, they have a video, showing the difference between the brush, using fingers and a sponge to apply foundation to a pumpkin.  I had to listen with the sound off but it seems a little odd to me to use a pumpkin as the surface.  But, whatever.

If you decide to order the brush from Sephora, be sure to go to ebates first!  You get some cashback on your purchase!  I also google for sephora codes first, in case they have any freebie or discount goodies that aren’t listed on their website.  Stack up the savings and treats!