Why I Love Diaper Flats

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I love diaper flats! They are so versatile. You can use them as spit up/burp cloths, diapers, to wipe up messes and on and on.

I had a baby 10 days ago and decided to venture finally out. My son didn’t have preschool this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday and he was uber antsy to play with some kids. I packed up the kids to take them to the mall playground.  When I go out, I put baby in disposables and use disposables.

We stayed for about an hour.  I had to change the baby before we went home.  I thought I had packed diapers and wipes in the diaper bag.  I started to panic because I already taken off the poopy diaper and there was no one else in the changing room with a baby that might have an extra diaper on hand!  I double checked my bag again.   Nope, I had hand sanitizer, wipes, water, change of clothes, nursing cover, and for some reason, a handful of paper clips and ONE diaper flat.   Diaper flat!!!  Yes!!  But no pins and or diaper cover.  However, I did have a bunch of paper clips…

A little bit of twisting and voila, instant diaper!  Luckily for me, home was only 20 minutes away so I was able to put a proper diaper with cover on baby!  Paperclips, not just for the office!

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