Mental Toughness

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I love watching Extreme Makeover Weight Loss edition.  The people on the show have over 100lbs+ to lose and they have to do it by themselves.  While the trainer stays with them for a few months in the beginning, afterwards, they are responsible for keeping to the program on their own.

I like watching their first workout because it is tough and you can see how hard the workout and that they want to give up.  The workout IS tough and the trainer says it is intentionally hard.  This is how he determines if that person has the mental toughness to keep going when your body and mind are screaming to stop!

As a preggo mom of a toddler, living through a major house remodel, working full time and creating my own home business, my mind and body also start screaming at me to stop!  And I think back to past accomplishments.

I am not an athlete.  But when I first met my husband, he mentioned that he always had a goal of running a marathon.  Before I realized it, the words, I’ll do it too, came out of my mouth.  Did I mention I am NOT an athlete?!  I had never even ran ONE MILE!  How was I going to run, much less, finish a marathon?  But once the words came out of my mouth, I had to do it.  I found a group to train with in April and ran my first marathon the following October of that same year.   I could not run with my husband because he was faster than me and I was at walk/run pace.

When it came to marathon day, I had a late start.  I was in the porta-potty when the starting shot went off!!  So I ran across the start line, all by myself.  I was able to catch up with the rest of the other runners but towards the end, I found myself alone again.  Which was frightening because I am horrible at directions and get lost very easily.  I knew my pace was slow and my husband made me carry my cell phone for that very reason, in case I got lost and couldn’t find the finish line.

Luckily, I made it to the finish line and my husband was there, waiting for me and he convinced the workers to let me cross before they took down the inflatable sign.  I may have missed the celebration for the runners but I finished!  It took me a little over 7 hours to finish but I did it!


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