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How does your garden grow?  Our garden isn’t growing very well right now!  This is to be expected however as we have not been able to put much effort into it this year.  I am STILL de-weeding the garden!  Although I did make one happy discovery, we have a bunch of lettuce growing!  I grew lettuce last year and it quickly went to seed and I just left it alone.  The seeds scattered and now we have a few patches of lettuce!  I still need to remove the weeds around the lettuce but that was a nice surprise!

Some of our peppers were able to survive the winter and so did the strawberries and the broccoli plant.  I love tomatoes, especially now that I have discovered roasting the tomatoes adds such a lovely flavor to them!  We usually end up making quarts of tomato sauce, which is fabulous because it makes future meal prep much easier!  I don’t know if we will grow anything in the squash family this year.  We had a problem with squirrels last year and they ate into all of our squash or they would eat the squash flowers!  We do have a cat but she would just watch the squirrels eat up our garden.

I know it’s really late to start the garden but I am hopeful that we will be able to atleast have a late harvest!

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