Pregnancy Pillows

This is my second time around being pregnant.  While it is still early in the second trimester, I am in need of support for my stomach!  I’m at an awkward stage, where my regular pants do not fit me but maternity pants are still too big.  I have a Bella Band but I digress.

So my last pregnancy, I had a Mini Snoogle

My husband and I have a queen bed.  The regular Snoogle just looked too big!  That and no one on craigslist was selling a full size Snoogle.

Here’s a picture of the full size Snoogle :

What’s that saying Jim-Bob Duggar is fond of…. buy used and save the difference?  heh heh heh, we were definately very frugal during my first pregnancy!  Actually, prior to the mini-snoogle, I used a half round pillow.  I used the mini-snoogle till the end of my pregnancy and thought I could use it as  back up nursing pillow.  (Yes, I did get a Boppy for nursing!)  But the mini-snoogle just did not feel as useful anymore and I ended up selling it on craigslist.

This pregnancy, I started regretting having sold the mini snoogle.  But our toddler still likes to sleep in bed with us and two adults, a toddler AND mini snoogle just do NOT fit in a queen size bed!  Hubby tried to be helpful bought me a body pillow

 While I LOVE my body pillow, it is too big still for our bed.  It’s super comfy and hubby had to get one for our little guy because he kept taking my pillow to bring to his bedroom for naptime, lol.  🙂

So right now, I just use a half circle foam pillow.  It’s a little funny because I originally bought this for hubby when we first met to help with his back problem.  (What “fixed” his back was losing 15 lbs and working on his core!)  Since he no longer “needs” the pillow, it’s mama’s!  It’s working for now.  It fits in the bed and provides just enough gentle support for my growing belly.

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