Positive Parenting – What To Do When Consequences Don’t Work | Positive Parenting Connection

When I was pregnant with my son, I read a variety of books and websites on child rearing.  I was drawn to attachment parenting and positive discipline.  The approach resonated to me.  I am not a perfect parent, sometimes I yell or issue consequences without really thinking it out. 

But this article is a good reminder why I was drawn to positive discipline.  How much better would it be for families, the parent-child relationship, if we used a solution based approach rather than a consequence one?

From the article:
” If your child is refusing to help, having a hard time with the bedtime routine, or flat out refusing to help with chores, this doesn’t mean you have failed as a parent or that you have a brat for a child. It means that it’s probably a good time to try focusing on problem solving, realistic expectations and relationship building.”