HCG Diet – Tried It and Liked it!

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I tried the HCG diet as part of my personal growth.  Last year was a huge year of personal change for me.  I had two miscarriages.  After the first miscarriage, I decided to focus on me.  I was so focused on work and my family that I forgot about me.  I started working out again, during my lunch and again in the evenings.  Well, the evening workouts were not much of a workout because I had my toddler with me but I got off my butt atleast!  And Saturdays were family gym days.  Fortunately, my gym had a childcare center, which my son loved!

I lost 10lbs just from the exercise in the first month but I wasn’t happy with the progress.  My husband was completely supportive in my weight loss efforts, especially since he wanted to lose weight himself.  Anyways, we talked about changing our diet.  Things had just gotten so out of control, we were basically eating whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted.  We had both done various diets in the past but could not agree on an approach.  Then a friend of mine mentioned something about the HCG diet.  And I was like, what???  It sounded crazy, it sounded extreme and I said anyone who does this is nuts!  And this nut and her nutty husband signed up for it!

Did I consult my doctor before trying it?  No, I did not.  But then again, I never consulted my doctor whenever I tried any of the OTC weight loss supplements like Hydroxycut or Xenadrine or anything else like that…  I researched the diet, read people’s reviews and researched companies that offered it.  I decided I would try it for 30 days.  I felt like I needed something really different and drastic, to change my diet and jumpstart the path to healthier eating.  It was not because I did not know what to eat or that I did not know how to read food labels or did not know how to cook.   I could do all of those things, I just did not want to.  What I would have preferred was a personal chef or even a company to deliver meals to me and say you can only eat what I give you.  But I lacked the funds for that and while I was willing, my flesh was weak so I figured this diet was the catalyst that I needed to start.  It would be my swift kick in the butt, so to speak.