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Growing What You Eat

eating what you grow
eating what you grow


We always grow something each year.   Generally, it’s tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers and some kind of greens.

I was in the checkout at the grocery store and a magazine caught my eye.  It was called eat what you grow or something like that…  I cannot find the magazine right now, otherwise I would have put the title.  heh heh heh

Anyways, that really intrigued me.  Can we grow our vegetables this year?    While I am not gung ho enough to only eat what we grow, I would love it if we only bought items at the grocery store that we did not grow ourselves!

We have a pretty big backyard, need to get the dimensions from hubby.  But we currently have 1 tangerine tree, and 4 orange trees.  We already share the fruit with the squirrels and my family.  We also have a guava tree but I do not really care for the fruit.  Plus the tree gets so big and branchy, hubby prunes it back a LOT.  We also planted a blueberry bush and a raspberry bush last fall but it is in the front yard, where there is not an automatic watering system.  I am hoping the plants will pull through so that I will have something from them this year!

I’m going to peruse the magazine and see what they suggest.  I am uber-excited to start my garden this year!


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