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I LOVE Dancing with the Stars!

Dancing is one my passions.  I love movement and pushing the body beyond what I thought was capable.

As a young child, I studied ballet, tap, jazz and even did some ice skating.  Then when I was in college, I learned Tahitian and hula.  When I got married, I discovered ballroom dancing!

We did a rumba to Mongo Bongo.  It’s not a romantic song at all, but I fell in love with it when I first heard it.  I heard it in the film, Mr. and Mrs. Smith.   It was the scene after they in Bogota and were having a drink, maybe it was the hotel garden bar area.   Angelina had a shot and started dancing in the rain and Mongo Bongo was playing in the background and that scene resonated with me.

I would love love love to be a dance competitor.  But I don’t have the time to dedicate to it right now.  So I live vicariously through the people on Dancing With the Stars.

What I love about ballroom dancing is that it is partnered dancing.  When you have a partner who is strong in their abilities, it just makes dancing so much fun!  I enjoy going to the clubs and “club dancing” but I love the choreography and trust required in ballroom dancing.  It’s different from dancing as a dance group.





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