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I used to wear prescription glasses.  Now I no longer need them.  I did not have Lasik done, although that is something I would consider when I am much older!

I wear corneal refractive theraphy lenses at night.  These lenses act like retainers for my eyes.  OVernight, they gently reshape my cornea so that I can see the next day.  I do not need glasses and it lasts all day.  I generally wear my CRT lenses at night for atleast five hours.

These are hard lenses so it did take a little time to adjust to the sensation.  However, it only bothers me when I am awake because of all the blinking.  I feel the thickness of the lens as the eyelid slides over the lens.  When I am asleep, no blinking.  Another slight con is that I have trouble intentionally getting the lens off of my eye.  I need to use a little suction tube to remove the lens.  But sometimes, all I need to do is rub my eye and off comes the lens!  I am still trying to figure out how I did it!

You may want to try CRT lens if :

  • Lasik scares you
  • You want a Lasik alternative
  • You have myopic vision
  • You have low to zero astigmatism
  • You want something that is reversible

I love my CRT lenses!

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