Counting Your Blessings

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Today was a tiring day!  It started out with beautiful weather, sunny but not unbearable.  We decided to make breakfast, scrambled eggs with Silician style sausage and cracked wheat sourdough bread with Kona coffee!

We needed to clear the garden of weeds so that we could have our vegetable garden!  We were very fortunate that our son’s godfather was available for a few hours.  He was able to watch his godson while we worked on the garden.  I discovered our broccoli plant had scattered some seeds and we have some broccoli growing with our strawberries!  I want to replant them but I am worried that I would kill the plant by mistake.

I’m very excited to see we have some berries growing.  I’ve been anxiously awaiting our berries because I plan on making more jam this year!  I have been very sparing with my jam from the previous year!  Now that I know how to make a really tasty strawberry jam, I want to can a few pints!

I keep meaning to make a marmalade out of our oranges but have not had the opportunity.  Perhaps later this year I will be able to attempt it!  I am not fond of marmalade so they could end up as presents.

My parents called me today, asking we wanted their French door refrigerator.  Of course!  We have an ancient refrigerator so we were happy to accept their offer!  The bummer is that we cannot use magnets on the front, only the sides.  And our kitchen is very tight we would not be able to access the sides of the fridge but that is ok, we will adapt.  We are so appreciative of their generous offer!

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