Fat Overnight

I went to bed in a fit and healthy body and woke up the next morning with an extra 50lbs!  What the heck?!

As much as I wish the above were true, I know I did not get fat overnight.  I am getting pretty tired of wearing my fat suit though, so I recently took steps to change it.

I decided this time around, I would start slow and just commit to working out atleast three times a week for atleast 30 minutes.  It was a very achievable goal and come on, only 3 days out of 7, I had to something for 30 minutes!  I started working out on my lunch hour.  Luckily, a coworker wanted to work out with me so  I had accountability.  We went three times a week, during our lunch hour, to do something.  I chose to do the treadmill and just walk the hill program, since it has been a very long time since I did any sort of regular exercise.

This went pretty well and so I was encouraged to add additional day of exercise.  I decided to do a mile at the track near me.  I’d run when I felt I had then energy to and just walk the rest of it.  So now I was working out 4 days a week and sometimes at the track, I’d do a couple of teeny bleacher runs.

Now I am up to working out 5 days a week and swapped the track for a Zumba class.  I love Zumba.  I feel like it is helping me keep my shake until I return to hula/tahitian.

I have not yet touched my diet.  Not in a conscious matter.  I switched from cow’s milk to almond milk and coconut milk.  Not for dietary reasons but because I noticed when I drank milk or ate ice cream, I would have some issues.  I don’t eat cereal that often so the almond milk is just for straight drinking.  And I adore coconut milk ice cream!  It tastes just as rich and creamy but with less calories and saturated fat!  I have also noticed that I am gravitating more toward vegetables again and less sweet treats.

I did sign up with Sparkpeople but was not using it on a regular basis.  I used to belong to Bodybuilding.com and recently started visiting the site again.  I don’t think I’m at the stage where I want to renew my Oxygen magazine subscription but I did buy the Clean Eating recipe books.  I still need to work out how many calories I need and my macronutrient breakdown.

I feel like I am constant work in progress but that’s a good thing I figure.  The day I stop growing is the day I die.  Just need to keep it moving FORWARD and not slip backwards anymore!

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