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Positive Parenting – What To Do When Consequences Don’t Work | Positive Parenting Connection

When I was pregnant with my son, I read a variety of books and websites on child rearing.  I was drawn to attachment parenting and positive discipline.  The approach resonated to me.  I am not a perfect parent, sometimes I yell or issue consequences without really thinking it out. 

But this article is a good reminder why I was drawn to positive discipline.  How much better would it be for families, the parent-child relationship, if we used a solution based approach rather than a consequence one?

From the article:
” If your child is refusing to help, having a hard time with the bedtime routine, or flat out refusing to help with chores, this doesn’t mean you have failed as a parent or that you have a brat for a child. It means that it’s probably a good time to try focusing on problem solving, realistic expectations and relationship building.”

The Pregnancy Myth

When you are a teenager with raging hormones, most of the sex education you get is geared more at abstinence rather than safer sex practices.  You can’t get pregnant or get a disease if you don’t have sex!  Yet, biologically, this is the perfect time for female bodies to reproduce.  When you get older and… Continue Reading

How Much Breastmilk Do You Pump?

This is my second time nursing and pumping. I was able to exclusively breastfeed my first child for the first six months. When I went back to work, I was concerned about the quantity of milk I was expressing. I would dutifully go to an empty conference room and lock the door. I would close… Continue Reading

Kissaluv Newborn Fitted Diapers Rock

These are my favorite newborn diapers! I’m on newborn #2 and these diapers are super easy to use! I’m not exclusively cloth only, I do use disposables at night. I also used disposables during the meconium phase. But I love the nubby texture of the Kissaluv fitted diapers. I breastfeed and the bf poops are… Continue Reading

Pregnancy Pillows

This is my second time around being pregnant.  While it is still early in the second trimester, I am in need of support for my stomach!  I’m at an awkward stage, where my regular pants do not fit me but maternity pants are still too big.  I have a Bella Band but I digress. So… Continue Reading

Learn Something New Everyday

Learn Something New Everyday

Today I learned that onesies, those little baby outfits that snap underneath the crotch area, can be pulled DOWN baby, instead of up and over!! I am so completely amazed by that revelation!  I have always unsnapped the onesie and pulled it over my baby’s head!  Apparently that is why the fabric on the shoulders… Continue Reading

Breastmilk and air travel

I recently had an opportunity to attend a conference/networking event in Arizona.  I have not been on a plane since before my son was born! Even though my son is a year old, I am still nursing him.  This means I still have times where I need to express milk.  The hotel that I booked… Continue Reading

2 Week Wait

It took us awhile to conceive our first son.  I was very eager to have our first baby but I was very disappointed when it did not happen right away.  I began researching ways to increase our chances of conception. We were married in a Catholic church and part of the requirement was that we… Continue Reading

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