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I discovered swagbucks from a cloth diapering website.  A lot of the moms used swagbucks and it piqued my curiosity, which is not all that difficult to do!  I’ve been using swagbucks for about a year now but I use it off and on.  I have accumulated enough points to redeem it for gift certificates but I am saving my points for the bigger ticket items!

Here is a quick rundown of swagbucks.  You earn swagbucks every time you search the web, shop online, complete special offers or a few other things, such as trade in a cell phone.  The swagbucks can be used for gift certificates or in their rewards catalogs.

I like it it because other than signing up and getting the toolbar, I don’t have to do anything different.  I search for things on the internet all the time; it’s a nice perk to earn something for it!  The only downside is that the results are not as good as Google’s but then again, Google doesn’t reward me for searching.

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