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HCG Diet – My Experience

I decided to go with to obtain my supplement.  My husband did it with me so it was great to have that support.  I loaded over the weekend and when I went to work Monday, I forgot we were hosting a catered breakfast.  We had also just moved into our office space and my… Continue Reading

Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook

I love Cook’s Illustrated. I first became familiar with them when I was getting married. At my bachelorette party, I was gifted with The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. I LOVED IT! It was a great cookbook for cooking the basics and expanding a little bit beyond it. What I really liked was the little… Continue Reading

Moving Back to Taste

Once a week, I sort the newspapers in our home.  The Thursday paper is my favorite because of the food section. This week, there was an article on Southern cooking.  It was talking about how there is a mis-perception of Southern good, that it is just more than just bacon and grits.   And the article… Continue Reading

Carrot Ginger Soup

My grandfather (Lolo) gave us a couple pounds carrots.  I do not like carrots.  I do not care for the taste, raw or cooked.  But I also hate to waste perfectly good food.  So I made soup! When I cook, I generally use recipes as a source of inspiration.  I end up not using the… Continue Reading

Cheesy egg cups

This week’s Sunday breakfast was cheesy egg cups.  Let me start with, I ADORE croissants.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  Crescents, meh, not so much.  Yes, I know they are not croissants.  🙂   I really don’t like the taste but I keep buying them every so often, hoping the taste will be different!  What… Continue Reading

Better Than Chocolate Croissants

On Saturday, our family usually heads to the gym in the morning.  However, all of us have a touch of a cold coming on.  So we decided to stay home. Normally, Sunday is our special breakfast day but hey, sometimes we need extra treats, right??? 😉 I was craving something sweet.  Although I made some… Continue Reading

Mango Strudel

  On Sundays, I like to make breakfast a little special, ie, fattening.  hehehehe  During the week, I tend to eat breakfast at work, which is usually yogurt or toast with cream cheese or peanut butter.  Saturday mornings our family heads to the gym so I usually have a protein shake.  Sunday really is the… Continue Reading

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