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Doughnut Muffins
Doughnut Muffins

Awhile back, I was watching a relatively new show on Food Network, The Best Thing I Ever Ate.  The show features Food Network personalities and other notable people in the restaurant/food business and asks them about  their favorite chocolate dish or meat dish or appetizer or whatever.

The episode I watched had the CEO, I believe, of Sprinkles Bakery.  She was raving about this doughnut muffin she had eaten, somewhere in Northern California.  It was a muffin and once cooled, was dipped in butter and rolled in a cinnamon sugar mixture.  It looked really good!

I decided I would make my own version of the doughnut muffins.  I love cinnamon sugar topping and I liked that it was baked, instead of fried.  I found a recipe that I liked and tweaked it a bit.  I used 1/2 the sugar it called for and I substituted a can of unsweetened applesauce for the milk.  I also baked it for about 5 minutes more than the recipe called for but the tops never did get brown.  I dipped it in melted butter and rolled them in cinnamon sugar.

My doughnut muffins did not have a crisp exterior, which was a bit disappointing.  The inside was super moist, almost like a crueller.  That was a nice surprise!  I will probably play around with the recipe a bit more but I am happy with the results.  I am going to have one for breakfast tomorrow and if it is just as yummy, I may have a new office treat!

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