Mango Strudel


On Sundays, I like to make breakfast a little special, ie, fattening.  hehehehe  During the week, I tend to eat breakfast at work, which is usually yogurt or toast with cream cheese or peanut butter.  Saturday mornings our family heads to the gym so I usually have a protein shake.  Sunday really is the only time we get to enjoy the breakfast.

My husband will usually brew coffee but we will occassionally go out to grab coffee and bring it home.  I don’t really get too elaborate with breakfast, we ARE hungry afterall!

It usually starts with a taste for something and then I scour my kitchen to see what ingredients I actually have on hand and go from there.  This time, I was craving danishes but did not want to actually make it from scratch.

I did have some crescent dough, cream cheese and a jar of mango puree handy so this is my mango strudel.


I thwacked open the crescent tube and using my fingers, pressed the dough together.  Then I used my rolling pin to stretch the dough out.



I mixed 8oz of cream cheese with about 1/2 cup of powdered sugar.  I was debating whether or not to put powdered sugar, considering the mango puree is already sweet.  But hey, it’s our special breakfast, why not?!


Next I smeared the cream cheese down the middle and scored/cut the sides.  I was trying to make them as even as possible but it didn’t always work.


Mmmmm, now to spread the mango puree on top!


This was my “artistic” folding of the sides.  I did brush the tops with a little bit of milk, so it would brown a bit more.  I put it in the oven for 375F, for about 20 minutes.  Now keep in mind, I have an OLD oven and the door does not completely shut close.  But atleast I have a working oven.  🙂

Hubs REALLY liked it.  His nephew came over and I told them they could start eating without me since I wanted to make more coffee.  When I came back, there was literally a piece left for me!  So, I would say my strudel was a success!


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