Homemade Brown Rice Pudding

I LOVE Kozy Shack rice pudding. It’s creamy and light and the rice is soft. I’m actually not a big fan of pudding. When I think of pudding, I think of those gelatin things or the instant mix puddings. I used to want it so badly when I was small but now that I am an adult, not so much. Then again, I’ve had creme bruless, pots de creme and leche flan so my taste buds have evolved.

But Kozy Shack rice pudding is the only rice pudding I like. I don’t buy it that often but I go nuts everytime I do because of the price. Rice is so cheap! Unfortunately, my rice pudding experiments have never quite worked the way I planned. I don’t like the baked rice puddings, the texture is too thick. I don’t want a slice of rice pudding, I want a nice creamy bowlful!

So tonight, I tried a recipe that claimed to be similar to the Kozy Shack taste. All I had in the house was brown rice. Hubby reminded me that it needed to cook MUCH longer than the white rice. However, I am impatient and so I waited just long enough to cook the rice. It has a very tooth-some texture still!

Then I modified the custard a bit. It originally called for whole eggs but I used half whole eggs and then only used the yolk for the remaining half. Oh! I also had a ton of vanilla beans that needed to be used. So I tossed in a vanilla bean while the rice was cooking. I scraped out the seeds and left the pod in the pudding until I put it in the fridge to chill.

The custard is a little bit richer than Kozy Shack and the rice is not fully cooked BUT…. it is still a pretty tasty dessert!

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